Thursday, 13 September 2012

Some Books on the Churchill

Here, we have the book about the Churchill, and the important and rather helpful one, the modelling book, dedicated to the Churchill. The Churchill may not be one of the main players in the armor scene in WW2, but it sure had produced some interesting approaches and significant support contributions in its role as the "specials", particularly during the later part of the war. And don't forget, from the Churchill comes the Centurion. That one, was good design.

First up, is a book totally dedicated to the Churchill. This British behemoth of a tank deserved first a good look on its history, adventures throughout WW2, and great amount of technicalities in the David Fletcher book. David Fletcher was the curator at the British Armor museum, an expert on the history of British armor. This book is well presented with highly detailed technical diagrams and some interesting wartime and production photos. The information in this book is mostly for those who are highly interested in, well, this British tank.

And here is the modelling book by Mark Bannerman to give that Churchill a huge blessing. Should be a looker. It is best, however, to put up a totally creative approach to modelling the Churchill, but this book should be helpful in identifying interesting points and parts to consider. At least, here's what Armorama's Mark Smith said of this book, "Not just for Churchill fans, as the techniques on these pages could be out to use on many other modeling projects. A definite must have from this modeler’s point of view, very highly recommended for any and all treadheads alike!"

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